One night my wife was away visiting family, so I set up a little studio in our front room to experiment with off-camera-flash (OCF)  using the techniques and gear espoused by Tim Payne at (very helpful site.)  I was taking photos of inanimate objects since I did not have a model.  I thought, "what the heck, I'll be the model." So I sat for my own photos.   I had not prepared properly, in that I had barbecue sauce on my face (removed by the magic of Photoshop) and had not shaved.
The upside is that there was no backdrop on these shots.  The black background was achieved through the use of  the OCF techniques.  I was simply sitting in a leather chair in an open room. 
So, these are not exactly professional.  But they do highlight my first efforts into off-camera-flash and portraiture. 

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