Nearly every photographer I know can tell the same story.  When someone sees a good photograph they took, a viewer will say, "you must have a nice camera!"  Generally, most photogs do have nice cameras, but gear is really not the key issue for them anymore than a tennis racket is the number one reason a tennis player will prevail.  Does gear matter?  Yes.  But seeing a scene with a discerning eye, seeing the lighting of that scene and properly using the camera and lens to capture the moment is key.
I use primarily Olympus "mirror-less" cameras and Oly lenses.  I like the size (typically smaller than other cameras (a bit technical) and very robust.  But I will use my iPhone as a back up and have a few small cameras as well.   As the saying goes, "its the archer, not the arrow."  Hopefully you see a few bullseyes in my photographs. 
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