Richard Webb
Welcome to  I hope you enjoy this compilation of some of my favorite photographs.  Most of these photographs are a documentation of our (my wife and my) travels around the world.  Where ever we go, I attempt to find scenes to photograph that many people may not recognize as an artistic moment.    
Why the coyote reference?  Coyotes are perhaps the most adaptable animal on the planet.  They can live anywhere; from Central Park in New York City, to the mountains of Montana,  to the deserts of Arizona.  Well, we tend to travel quite a bit and I'd like to think that I can thrive in any photographic environment.  During my photographic journey I discovered I do not enjoy the process of going out specifically to take photographs.  Rather, I like exploring, meeting people, experiencing things and making photographs when I am moved to do so.  If you don't buy all that, then I just thought HipCoyote was a fun name.  Take your pick. 
Special thanks to my photography club, the Thousand Oaks Photo Group, for the excellent programs offered by its many expert members who have helped me in my photographic journey.  
If you enjoy my photographs or want a print of one, please send me an email using the "contact" button below. 
Happy Shooting,